Bigg Boss 11: Angry Salman Khan Lashes Out At Priyank Sharma; Walks Out Of The Sets!

Bigg Boss 11 contestants saw a lot of ups and downs while performing the BB Court and captaincy tasks. Arshi was targeted, friendship between Akash and Puneesh broke and lot more happened!

The host of the show, Salman Khan has always tried to sort out the issues of the contestants during Weekend Ka Vaar. But, this time, looks like Salman lost his cool because of a few contestants’ irritating behaviour! Here’s what’s in store in tonight’s episode…


  • Priyank Sharma

    Priyank Sharma

    It has to be recalled that Priyank Sharma had body shamed co-contestants, Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan. He had said that they performed badly in the captaincy task as they are like ‘drums’.

  • Salman Slams Priyank For Body Shaming!

    Salman Slams Priyank For Body Shaming!

    Apparently, Salman is not happy with the way Priyank conducted himself. According to the latest promo, Salman is extremely angry at Priyank Sharma’s comment and is seen lashing out at him!

  • Salman Grills Priyank

    Salman Grills Priyank

    In the upcoming episode, he will be seen grilling Priyank and asking him about his mother’s weight! Priyank answers, ‘Moti hai (she is fat)’. Salman questions Priyank over his comment on Shilpa.

  • What Priyank Told Shilpa?

    What Priyank Told Shilpa?

    Salman then reveals as to what Priyank told Shilpa! Apparently, Priyank had told that ‘Woh aurat baag hi nahi sakti, saand jyse body hai!’

  • Vikas Gupta Irritated!

    Vikas Gupta Irritated!

    Vikas too, is irked over Priyank’s behaviour. He tells Salman that Priyank has been behaving so continuously as he is getting such encouraged by others!

  • Salman Questions Housemates!

    Salman Questions Housemates!

    Salman even asks others as to why no one reacted when Priyank was body shaming women of the house! He aimed at Hina and Sapna as they were present when Priyank was making fun of Shilpa.

  • Sapna’s Rude Response!

    Sapna’s Rude Response!

    Salman then asks the housemates, as to how can this happen when people in the house are educated? It is then Sapna comments, ‘Yeha unpadh logon ko lakhe apne bahot galti ki.’

  • Salman Maintains His Cool!

    Salman Maintains His Cool!

    Salman maintains his cool and asks, ‘What is rubbish is going on in the house?’

  • Sultani Akhada

    Sultani Akhada

    During ‘Sultani Akhada’, Puneesh and Akash are called for the fight. This was obvious as they had the biggest fight this week!

  • Salman Tries To Patch Up Akash & Puneesh

    Salman Tries To Patch Up Akash & Puneesh

    Puneesh wants to hug Akash and requests Salman if he could, but Akash refuses to! Even after Salman tries to patch-up Akash and Puneesh, but Akash is adamant on his stand and doesn’t want to forgive Puneesh.

  • Salman Walks Out Of The Sets!

    Salman Walks Out Of The Sets!

    This doesn’t go well with Salman and he leaves the Akhada by saying, ‘Akash wakai mein hargaye.’

  • Luxury Budget Items

    Luxury Budget Items

    Meanwhile, the contestants will be asked to choose the groceries from the luxury budget. But the housemates are seen confused and panicking while picking the groceries from the list. Arshi Khan was seen making the list, as she was assigned as the shopper.

Will Salman return to the main stage or did he walk out of the Bigg Boss sets? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates of the show….


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